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Online Auctions are Up Up UP

With most American consumers penned up at home, the online auction market has exploded to gargantuan proportions. It wasn't long ago that eBay and a few others made up the lion's share of at-home bidding opportunities. These days, anyone with a hankering to do it can lease auction software, rent a list of email addresses, and jump in. The good news is that the most esoteric items from around the...

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Meissen - The Apex of German Porcelain

Since we're on the subject of porcelain - or at least we were last week - I would be remiss in not paying homage to the august German maker Meissen. Like Limoges, Meissen's history dates back at least three hundred years to a period where Chinese porcelain was the craze of European royalty. Spawned by that enthusiasm, the company has remained upright and quality-oriented to this day. That's no small...

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The Ins and Outs of Jewelry Appraising

What is your jewelry worth? That's a question we get all the time, and it's not easy to answer. While real estate appraisals rely on the cost of reconstruction and what similar properties have recently sold for, jewelry is not so readily valued. Age, condition, design, maker's markings, size, and the intrinsic value of the stones and metals used in the piece are all part of the equation. And what...

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Limoges: The Porcelain of Royalty

Although largely out of favor with the millennial crowd these days, dining on fine tableware evokes many memories for those of us of the senior classes. We remember our holiday meals when Ma would go into the dining room hutch and break out the rarely seen china. We remember washing a lot of dishes by hand after the big meal. And we recall special gifts - engagements, weddings, and anniversaries...

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