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Wool Utility Blankets
Regular price $ 30.00
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Navy Blue
Russian Civil Defence Blankets
Regular price $ 40.00
  • Pink w/ Blue Stripe No. 1
  • Pink w/ Blue Stripe No. 2
  • Blue w/ Pink Stripe
  • Pink Checkered No. 1
  • Pink Checkered No. 2

Looking for guy stuff? We have it in spades. Our selection of military items and maritime items is second to none. The east gallery at the Antique Galleries of Palm Springs includes everything from black powder guns, knives, and swords to presentation items, historical posters, original artwork, and artifacts from around the world. Our nautical assortment is unique in the desert and includes diving gear, maritime lighting, officer's mess tableware, ship's hardware, optics and instruments. All original, all first-rate. Come see for yourself. We are located just south of downtown with free parking and air conditioning throughout. You can buy our military items in-store, curbside, or online, and we ship worldwide too. We're five stars across the board. Nobody else even comes close! Open 10-5 daily.

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