Terms of Sale

Our terms of sale are pretty simple. We accept cash, all credit cards, Apple Pay, gold bars, and occasionally a cute kitten. Just kidding about the kitten. Sorry, but we do not accept checks. While we cannot accept returns, we do in certain circumstances allow for a 24-hour approval period so that our customers might check to see if an item fits or matches their decor. In all such cases, we will take a credit credit number and automatically charge the card if the item is not returned in as-sold condition within the 24-hour period.

Please note that we buy and sell only antique firearms that do not require a Federal Firearms License (FFL) to transact. That means that all guns that pass through our gallery must be made on or before 1898 and not use rimfire or centerfire ammunition. Moreover, it is California law that all imitation guns must fall into one of three categories: (i) fixed or mounted to a plaque; (ii) painted a uniform non-firearm color such as yellow; (iii) include written acknowledgement by the buyer that the gun will be used solely as a prop in a movie, theatrical presentation, or similar. In addition, we will not sell any gun or edged weapon with a blade longer than 3" to anyone under 18 years of age. We are firm about these requirements and there are no exceptions.

With regard to the sale of vintage wristwatches, we ask all customers to sign a brief note acknowledging their watch is a finely made mechanical instrument and will require periodic service. However, all watches are warranted to be working and keeping good time (within normal mechanical limits) for a period of six month after sale if there is no evidence of excessive wear or abuse. Please note that we reserve the right to determine the cause of a problem and decide upon the course of action. Most vintage watches are not waterproof (even if they used to be) and should not be taken underwater. Problems relating to moisture intrusion are not covered by this warranty, nor is any watch that has been abused, overwound, or otherwise exhibits signs of misuse. Our watches have all been serviced before sale and with normal handling should give you many years of timekeeping pleasure.

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