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These days, shipping has become increasingly complicated and expensive. Since we're not experts in shipping, here's what we now do. For anything small and not requiring special packaging, we will gladly ship anything than fits in a USPS flat rate box. You pay for the shipping, but no add-ons or extra charges. However, if the item is fragile, large, or otherwise unsuitable for flat rate shipping, we do not ship ourselves but will be happy to deliver the item to the packing/shipping service of your choice for you to deal with directly. The nearest options include:

- AIM Mail Center (760-416-3399)
- Desert Freight (for large or unusually fragile items - 760-341-8092)
- Plycon (888-655-2644)
- Postal Palm Springs (206-484-0709)

If you prefer, we can also direct you to the nearest FedEx or UPS office.


If you're local or plan to be in the Coachella Valley in the near future, we can hold your item for seven days after receipt of payment. 

If your item is large or fragile and not going far, we can also recommend a number of local moving and delivery companies. They include:

- Carlos & Alberto (760-698-4330)
- CD Delivery (Bruce: 760-578-0375)
- JE Deliveries & Moving (Saul or Juan: 760-673-1197 or 760-534-0189)
- Let's Get Moving and Delivery (Victor: 760-774-9440)
- Palm Springs Delivery and Moving (Floyd: 909-496-9089)

Sorry - due to insurance and other considerations, we no longer provide delivery service ourselves.


In fact, we're always looking to buy! All of the items in our gallery come from somewhere. Our sources include auctions, collector liquidations, estate sales, inheritances, flea markets, military disposal units, other dealers, and walk-ins just like you. If we can't buy ourselves, we can often recommend other sources for you to try. If you have anything for sale, the best way to begin is to send an email to us at with a description and photo (or photos) of what you have available. We will route it to our vendors who specialize in that type of merchandise and they will contact you directly if interested. While we are sometimes able to inspect items on the spot, it's more often that our vendor (or vendors) of items in your category are not immediately available. However, if you do have something you would like us to look at in person, please come in during the week (preferably early or late in the day). When we're busy with customers, we won't be able to give you the attention you deserve. Thank you!


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